• Outdoor activities of H&W overseas marketing department

    Outdoor activities of our overseas marketing department in 10th Nov.

    2019-01-17 admin 202

  • Injection Molding

    What is it?

      2018-11-07 admin 162

  • A scalable, cost-effective, repeatable process

    From several working prototypes to a scalable, cost-effective, repeatable process to make 1.000 to 1.000.000 products.


    Build a works-like and a looks-like prototype

    EV(T): Engineering Verification (Test)

    What will happen: Your works-like and looks-like prototype get combined into 1 product. The DFM partner orders a sma......

    2018-11-06 admin 76

  • One Stop Service from fully turnkey prototype to mass produ

    Our new customer from Hungary, he is a young CEO, he works so hard during working time but a funny person at off time, we had really nice period in SZ.

    He encountered many unsolvable problems in the production process in Hungary before we cooperate. We helped him solve all the problems. After we set up the test program, the delivery time of his elect......

    2018-10-25 admin 133