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UV Sterilizers Disinfection Bag

Household Clothes Sterilizers UV Sterilizer Baby Bottle Clothing Disinfection Cabinet Sterilization Box


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This UV sterilization bag is smartly and uniquely designed to disinfect your clothes, towel, baby products, or other personal stuff by Ultraviolet (UV), effectively eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and germs on them. No more worry about bacteria on babies’ clothes during humid weather; With RosaCleaner disinfection bag, Sunny Everyday!

Easy to use, Effective disinfection rate

  • 3 minutes UV sterilization equivalent to a whole day exposure, saving time and efforts, clean, safe and health care
  • Perfect for home use and travel: foldable to save room
  • One key opens a healthy life: One-button starts and automatic stop after completion.
  • High-purity quartz 6 LED lamps emit high-intensity UV rays
  • Reflective material inside the bag can reflect UV light, which doubles sterilization efficiency and ensure 360°full sterilization, sterilization up to 99.9%
  • Supple clothing, smart care does not hurt the clothes so that the clothes are restored to the original silky
  • Works very quietly
  • Multiple uses: you can put in the bag any personal stuff that can fit in and have them sterilized

Included in the package

  • Clothes Sterilizer *1,
  • Mobile power *1
  • English User Manual *1,

Certification authority

Safe with FDA CE/ FCC /RoHS. If you need to check these certs please contact us. 

Product information

Number of LED lights: 6 (high power LED UVC)
Product size: 25x21x16cm
Power supply: USB 5V 1A
Product weight: 520g

Take good care of your family! Keep health always around you!