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99.999% sterilization in 3 minutes? How did this portable sterilizer in Manhattan do

99.999% sterilization in 3 minutes? How did this portable sterilizer in Manhattan do ?
With the continuous development of modern society, the scale of China's baby care market will continue to rise. The post-90s parents have become the main consumer of the baby care market, and their long-term demand for high-quality life is further reflected in the consumer level of baby care products. Product quality, core technology, and brand value replace product prices as the main considerations for childcare consumption. Increasing consumer demand for quality has prompted more and more baby care brands to start investing in more advantageous technical resources, 
driving the entire baby care market to continue to move towards a more subdivided, higher-end, and higher quality. 
As we all know, a baby bottle is one of the must-have items for every baby. In addition to breast milk, a baby bottle becomes the only way for a baby to eat. The sterilization of milk bottles has also become the focus of concern and attention of many parents. 
There are many traditional disinfection products on the market. Traditional static disinfection is generally divided into: "ozone sterilization, chlorine dioxide sterilization and ultraviolet sterilization". These conventional static disinfections generally cause certain harm to the human body. The ozone sterilization method can damage the lungs of the human body, causing chest pain, coughing, throat discomfort, and worsening respiratory diseases and impairing the body's ability to resist respiratory infections. Chlorine dioxide can cause coughing and other throat discomforts, and in severe cases can cause lung edema. Ultraviolet UV-A can cause photokeratitis and conjunctivitis, and skin redness and swelling, and as the exposure time increases or the radiation reaches the ultraviolet UV-B band, its impact will be worse. This is the typical harm to human body in some areas of strong light in the world. And most of them are too bulky and not portable. This also restricts the babies and parents to go outdoors and enjoy nature.

In view of the above, Manhattan has developed a portable baby bottle sterilizer using its own unique technology, and uses UVC LED disinfection black technology to protect the baby's health.  
Understand that the wavelength of UVC is between 200nm and 280nm in the ultraviolet spectrum. Photons can penetrate organic cells, destroy the DNA structure of bacteria, and make organisms unable to reproduce. This process kills pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, yeasts and fungi. Although it comes from sunlight, it is completely absorbed by the atmosphere before reaching the ground.

The Manhattan team created this light. UVC LED is mainly aimed at killing bacteria in confined spaces. The LED emits light at a wavelength of 280nm and does not contain harmful chemicals such as mercury, which makes the application of health and sanitation technology for parenting families more green and safe. The technology has been experimentally proven to be effective in achieving a 99.9% killing rate, and the harsh Manhattan technical team refers to this as the "three nine" disinfection technology. The UVC LED portable baby bottle sterilizer in Manhattan uses UVC light, which allows the product to integrate many core advantages such as high efficiency, mercury-free, and scald-free.

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