The modern market dictates that quality and speed rules all and H&W understands that. We aim to create the best product for our customers that will dominate the market and raise the bar, separating our customers from their competitors. Our experience and results back that up. With over 10 years of experience in the Electronics Manufacturing industry we have assembled a strong experienced team who aims to maximize the potential of every product we build.H&W is recognized as having one of the fastest NPI services and quality cost effective overseas production. Our manufacturing solutions are capable of servicing most markets, thus making H&W one of the most versatile manufacturing companies here in the multi-country. We value our customers and aim to build long lasting relationships based off trust and communication because our customers are very important to us. Immaculate quality, flexibility, versatility, cost effectiveness, and state of the art technology is what we promise and deliver to our customers. H&W is your pathway towards everlasting success.

H&W has been a part of the proffetional manufacture community for over 10 years, growing from our initial location in Fuyong, to our current 5,000 square foot facility in Fuyong. We evolved into a service provider to a lot of startups, from design to prototyping to mass production. With our diversified areas of expertise, global resources, proven processes, and skilled employees, we have positioned ourselves to provide the best value service.

H&W Corporation strives to “get it right the first time,” saving our clients the expense and headaches of poorly organized and executed projects. We focus our resources on providing full and complete product solutions in a streamlined, timely fashion.

With H&W managing your product’s development, you’ll receive professional support, innovative designs and a high-quality final product, along with the full package of native files used to create your design.


FCC, CE, EMC, R&TTE, Enviro



As can be seen from the above data, we have proved our manufacturing capacity with strength. However, it must be said that since the beginning of 2015, China’s foreign trade economic growth has slowed down and the market economy has undergone transformation and upgrading,

From the perspective of trade methods, due to the transformation and upgrading of the market economy, the import and export of processing trade has declined considerably.

In addition, most of the processing trade of foreign-funded enterprises in the past was produced and operated by foreign-funded enterprises, and foreign capital was invested more in the service industry than in manufacturing.

What's more, the decline in market demand is more obvious, and the reason for the decline in market demand is obvious because some importing countries have some difficulties in economic development, such as Russia.

In 2015, our economic growth has also encountered a bottleneck period, but after one or two years of strategic adjustment, we quickly realized the economic growth again and created a new height again.