What is Handheld Terminal(UHF RFID)?

Handheld Terminal(UHF RFID) is a portable handheld device capable of operating, executing and providing services and applications like a typical computer. Though it may appear similar to a mobile phone, a mobile computer is actually a very different device used for other purposes. Simply put, a mobile computer is a barcode scanner with a display screen and an operating system, such as Windows. This means that users can look forward to performing the same functions on the mobile computer as they would on a PC.

Today,  Handheld Terminal(UHF RFID) are widely used in retail stores, warehouses, delivery operations and more.

1) R&D team for design consult
2) OEM Capability
3) Quick response
4) Sustainable supply chain
5) High productin capability
6) Quality Control
7) Excellent quality & high precision product with pretty competitive price
8) On-time delivery


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