09/20/2018, American regular customers of Nelson-miller Co,.

2018-09-21 admin

09/20/2018, American regular customers of Nelson-miller Co,. LTD came to our factory for a return visit.
After many telephone conversations, we made a return visit with our regular customers of Nelson-miller Co,. LTD in the United States.

They came to our factory to visit and discuss the batch of goods they were dealing with. They also played the role of supervision and check. We showed them the development process of our factory and lay a good and stable cooperative relationship for the long-term cooperation. The reason we are able to reach a stable deal is that they believe that our quality inspections have met their requirements.

First, we introduced our current development process and development goals of our company and factory to them  in the conference room, and then re-emphasized their material inspection standards and details that require our attention. 

Afterward, we showed them to the placement workshop, assembly workshop and test workshop. After seeing the rigorous manufacturing process, satisfied expressions are on their face. 

Finally, we went back to the conference room to discuss the long-term cooperation relationship. We found our discussions very helpful and encouraging. We now have a better understanding of their needs and will soon submit another proposed contract for their approval. We expect to have it ready soon.

Before they left, we took a group photo as a souvenir.