2018/9/13, French customer and us took a factory tour

2018-09-15 admin

2018/09/13, French customers came to our conference room to learn about our company and products.

We have showed him our finished products. He gave a high compliment of our products and show the high interest of what we are going to meet his needs. Later he took out a sample of his product to show the detailed components.

After the discusion of the product,we took a factory tour. We took him to visit our hardware facilities and the professional operation process of the staff, we came to the assembly workshop on the third floor. We introduced him the equipment and operation process. As he nodded frequently, then we went to the test shop, which was full of finished products to be tested, quality assurance goes through all the processes from incoming raw materials, SMT, assembling to finished products.

All the functions should be tested. For each lot of finished products we would do sampling test. It includes function test, dropping test, vibration test and aging test.

and finally we went to the warehouse to see the package of goods to be exported.

We back to the meeting room to discuss about some details of our cooperation, we all looked at each other and laughed. Finally we shook hands and said goodbye.