You must know 6 PHASE-how to make campaign hardware projects

2019-07-31 admin

How to bring Campaign projects bring into market,it must pass below 6 Phase.

☑ PHASE ONE — Product Review & Factory Engagement:


To approvals on estimated material cost/quantity (for volume production), tentative production timeline, engineer verification and component supplier selection with the green light to move forward on Design & Prototyping. 

☑ Product Quotation — Estimate of component cost (Bill of Materials) and assembly to produce the product.

☑ Production Timeline — Factory and company agreement on a tentative production schedule.

☑ Engagement Agreement — Prospective manufacturers selection and production agreement completed. 

☑ Engineering Expert Verification — Lead engineer verifies Design For Manufacturing (DFM) to produce. 


☑ PHASE TWO — Design Blueprints & Prototyping:


To approvals on 2D/3D files, PCB layout/schematics, initial prototype, blueprints, cross check certification requirements and final design with green light to move forward on Tooling and Sample Testing. 

☑ Product 3D Files — Engineers have 2D and 3D file blueprint to build the first prototype.

☑ First Prototype Made — Head Engineer creates the first prototype from design blueprint.

☑ Final Prototypes Completed — Test, iteration and improving blueprints, functionality review and approval on the completed working prototype. 

☑ Product Approval Completed — Functionality validated, features confirmed, ready for public launch. 


☑ PHASE THREE — Tooling, FA Inspection & Testing:

Started with preparations for tooling, samples, material selection, cost, assembly process and third-party certifications. Set to complete with green light to move forward to mass manufacturing. 

☑ Tooling Analysis — Component layout analysis for efficient manufacturing (seeing how multiple parts can be made with each press of the injection mold).

☑ Tooling Development — Start the process of making the soft mold for each component of the it.

☑ Bill of Materials — Approve component list (injection mold parts, electrical components, motors, and battery) for mass production. 

☑ Sample Assembly — Produce 10 units to review components, identify improvements and optimise assembly

☐ Assembly & Quality Process — Analyse assembly steps, analyse assembly process and optimized for quality consistency. 

☐ Start Product Certification — Submit samples for engineer analysis prior to submitting to the testing house.


☑ PHASE FOUR — Shipping Package Development:


Started with proposed layout of packaging, approvals on design, sizing, printed information, drop-testing, and production. 

☑ Initial Box layout — Measuring box with dimensions and contents to fit the it.  

☐ Drop Test — Ensure it ships well to arrive in good condition, passes the drop test.  

☐ Design Complete — Graphics, text and product information complete.  

☐ Package Sample Delivery — Box is approved and ready for production.  


☐ PHASE FIVE — Pilot Production & Quality Inspection:


Scheduled to start with approvals on material preparation, product inspection, assembly analysis and functionality testing. 

☐ Material Preparation — Prepare materials and components for 100 unit production run made with soft tooling and assembly process.    

☐ Design Assembly Jigs — Streamlining the assembly process for building complex parts to ensure efficient and consistent build quality. 

☐ Inspection & Quality Test — Production quality test, approval and assembly process confirmation, assembly run to mimic full production situation.  


☐ PHASE SIX — Mass Production & Backer Delivery:


Scheduled to start with an estimated timeline of 30-90 days for inspection, production line worker training, backer surveys, and order shipments. 

☐ Backer Address Confirmation —Backers complete delivery survey for shipping to fulfill orders.

☐ Certification Complete — Test reports for all international product safety testing completed.

☐ First Large Scale Production — production begins, Vernon and the team on site overseeing first it from the production line.

☐ Third Party Inspection — Workers, materials and process ready for mass production.

☐ Prepare Shipments — Orders sorted ready to begin shipping to it.

☐ Backer Fulfillment — Shipments start to arrive at backers addresses.

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