GaN Charger

1. What is GaN Charger?
GaN charger, using gallium nitride as a semiconductor that is able to produce chips for electronics. This modern alternative to silicon means smaller, more efficient chargers and power bricks are on the way. Besides, most GaN chargers in the market are equipped with multiple and different ports, such as USB-C port and USB-A port. And it supports most popular fast-charge protocols, such as power delivery, quick charge, fast charge protocol, and so on, which is the best charging solution. The total output can be up to 100 watts, which not only provides the low-temperature operation, but supplies 360°comprehensive protections.

2. Quality and Reliability Testing
Addresses all the “bathtub curve” to Ensure Product Reliability

3. Extended Qualification

AEC-Q101 and JESD47 Extended Testing

4. Intrinsic Reliability
Lifetime and Wear-out Testing

5. Extrinsic Reliability (ELF)
Voltage Accelerated Early Life Failure Test Data 

6. Field Reliability Data
PPM Rates Showing Excellent Reliability

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