Product Design & Engineering

H&W Design & Engineering is an independent, full-service design and development studio delivering progressive as well as innovative design with state-of-the-art technology. Whether injecting creativity into a current project,  or spearheading an entirely new product, H&W Design & Engineering team can seamlessly provide the full path from mind to manufacturing.

By cooperating with H&W Design & Engineering, you’re able to leverage their manufacturing and engineering experience early on during the ideation and design phase, of your plastic injection molding project, assuring that you will take the leading position in the development of a product.

1. How Does H&W Help You with Your Product Development?

1) Supplier Sourcing: 
  Match the most suitable suppliers to your product
- Whole process supervision matching process
- Guided by professional hardware experts
- Verified supplier network & supply chain
- Widely select suppliers

2) Project Services
   Match your project with in-house hardware experts
- Feasibility study
- Specification consultation
- Project management service

2. Own & Protect IP
We Injection Mold and Manufacturing your product completely In-House in our own factory.
As your IP Custodian we work closely with our outsourced partners, but strictly on a need-to-know basis.

We specialized in bringing your product to market quickly based on your requests. It means that we provide all services for all aspects of the design process according to your specific needs, including:
-Industrial Design
-Concept Sketches and Renderings
-Concept Models
-Trend, Market, Product Research
-Electronic File Preparation and Transfer
-Design for Manufacturing

The H&W Design & Engineering team brings together technology, experience and talent from some of the finest design schools in the world and have successfully worked on products ranging from:
- Health & Fitness
- Smart Home
- IoT Hardware
- Smart Wear
- New Energy
- Firmware Development

3. Software tool-set includes:
3D and 2D Software
- Alias
- KeyShot
- Illustrator
- Photoshop
- PTC Creo
- Rhino
- Sketch Book Pro
- SolidWorks

If you’re an established B2B Startups company needing a reliable ODM manufacturing business partner, on time and on target, we can certainly help you. Let's talk!

With US doing both Plastic Injection Molding And Manufacturing

If youre an established B2B Startup company needing a reliable ODM manufacturing business partner, on time and on target, we can certainly help you. Lets talk!