Looking to bring your product idea to life? Our team of mechanical, electronics, and firmware engineers specializes in developing entire products from scratch or collaborating with your team to bolster areas needing support. Reach out to kickstart your project today.

Our Commitments:

Confidentiality: Rest assured, your information is safe with us. Benefit from our free consultations while we uphold strict confidentiality standards.

Guidance: Stuck in your design or development process? Our expert team is ready to provide the guidance you need to move forward.

Manufacturing: From inception to completion, we manage every aspect of manufacturing, from parts and components to delivering fully finished products.

Supply Chain Management: Need sourcing and logistics solutions? Our professional team ensures quick turnaround and efficient handling of your supply chain needs.

As the manufacturer behind million-level crowdfunding successes on platforms like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, H&W tackles the challenges inherent in crowdfunding product production head-on. With meticulous attention to detail, rigorous quality control measures, and a commitment to meeting deadlines, we ensure that your crowdfunding project not only meets but exceeds expectations. Partner with H&W and let’s bring your vision to life.

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