Hardware Startup Manufacturing


Electronics Manufacturing for Startups we’ve observed how most hardware startups never seem to have an easy time taking their initial product concepts from the prototype stage to full-scale production.

1. Why Startups Should Select HW:
1) A dedicated team of over 30 in-house engineers refines product ideas and initial prototypes, optimizing design Mold while comprehensively testing for quality and reliability.
2) Our manufacturing capabilities enable scalable turnkey production of any electromechanical product, from board-build through full box-build.
3) A trusted supply chain ecosystem provides materials at significantly lower BOM costs than most startups could negotiate on their own.
4) Same respect we give our global OEM clients: complete non-disclosure/non-compete agreements to ensure full protection of their intellectual property.
5) Strategic location within the Chennai Special Economic Zone (SEZ) eliminates cumbersome logistics roadblocks, savings we pass directly to clients, large and small.

Is your electronics startup struggling to advance your product from the idea stage to the factory floor, then directly to market?

We’d enjoy discussing your objectives and how we can help craft your ultimate design and manufacturing solutions.

2. Copy Right Protection & NDA

Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) will be offered for projects, since we respect all concepts and design and completely protect them.

Also, we can help you get copyright registration and protection for your creative ideas, works, and products.

3. Guided Throughout by Hardware Experts

Our PM team with 10 yeas of hardware development experience and follow-up the project  throughout the whole process:

4. Startup Product Development
Whether you’re looking for a prototype to receive funding, an MVP to validate your product idea or a full-fledged solution built from scratch, we’re here to help you throughout your journey.

If you have ideal or concept, contact us now, we do prototype & manufacture, transforming your products concepts into product to market.