1. PCB Manufacture
H&W provides reliable express PCB production with short lead time, low MOQ, cost-competitive price, fast shipmeng and quick turnarounds.
Premium industry level PCB, supports multiple layers 1~40, with laser drill microvias, blind vias, via-in-pads, impedance control, support FR4/ HDI /FPC/ Rigid-FPC/ Aluminum/ Rogers…
For any special requests, or PCB cost estimation, you can also send inquiry to sales@hw-electronic.com for an instant quotation.



2. PCB Assembly
H&W provides turn-key PCB assembly service, with a range of process control, refined and strict PCB assembly workflow and quality commitment, include DFM Checking/ Components Sourcing/ Reflow Soldering/ Wave Soldering/ Programming/ Testing/ Coating, to ensure each PCBA board out from our hands works perfectly in your electronic project.

With 10  years’ experience in IoT instruments, H&W also provide OEM & ODM for IoT projects such as New Energy/ 5G/WiFi/ Lora/ BLE/ GPRS…

1) Prototyping
2) New Product Introduction (NPI)
3) Low and Medium Volume, High Mix
4) Configuration Management
5) Configure to Order
6) Build to Order
7) Conformal Coating, Potting and Encapsulation
8) Firmware Loading
9) Functional Testing and Quality Assurance
10) Product Burn In
11) Documentation and Packaging
12) Finished Goods Stocking
13) Third Party Logistics
14) Depot Repair

Contact us to learn more about our one-stop PCB assembly service and how to order PCBA service and the tips.

3. Mechanical Service
H&W Mechanical Services include Molding Design/ CNC/ 3D printing/ Manufacture/ Packaging/ Shipment, etc. 
With our own locally design house& producers, then we can control the process/ final quality/ lead time.  And, we have worked with many Kickstarter & Indiegogo CROWDSUPPLY companies reach their ultimate production needs, critical timeline effectively, and helped them cut down 10%- 20% of the cost. 

– 3D Printing Service;
– CNC Milling& Turning;
– Mold Design& Production

4. Box Building

Other than PCB assembly services, we are also an electronic box manufacturer, we provide a full electrical and mechanical box build assembly service tailor made to your unique requirements. We offer sub-system and complete box/system assembly services.
We are well equipped and experienced in providing a total turnkey manufacturing solution for highly complex and configurable box build requirements. We are flexible to accept turnkey, consignment, and hybrid material solutions per customer requirements.
Whatever volume you want to build, we provide OEM customers with complete box build services, with build-to-order (BTO), configurate-to-order(CTO), software configurations, loading, final test to specifications.
Box-Build Assembly & System Integration
Examples of some products we have built including medical device equipments, optical networking products, military portable server, WiMax wireless router, electric vehicle car charging station, etc.

A. Box Build Assembly Process

Box Build Assembly is an electromechanical assembly process, include:

1) Sub-Level Product Assembly
2) Design and engineering for mechanical components (injection molding, die casting, etc.)
3) Enclosure Fabrication,
4) Installation of components and sub-assemblies
5) Routing of Cabling or Wire Harnesses,
6) System Level Assembly
7) Software Loading and Product Configuration
8) Functional Testing
9) Complete Product Testing & Burn-In
10) Custom testing systems with integrated software and hardware solutions.
11) Packaging & Labeling
12) Warehousing, Order Fulfillment, and Traceability
13) Custom tooling and fixtures
14) Build-to-order and configure-to-order (BTO & CTO)
15)Direct shipment to point of sale
16) Full turnkey solution

B.Related Information for a Box Build Assembly

Providing the right information up front will help you get the job done right at the first time.

1) BOM (Bill of Material) for box level components (consign or turnkey)
2) 3D CAD box assembly drawing
3) Circuit diagrams (Electrical systems schematics)
4) Test procedure and estimated time
5) Tooling and fixtures
6) Special testing equipment
7) Size and weight of the unit
8) Detailed build instructions
9) Sample unit if available
10) Testing: basic electrical safety testing, functionality testing
11) Acceptance Criteria
12) Any other special instructions

Our customers recognized as the best Box Assembly and System Integration Manufacturer of choice.

5. Certification

Product certification service ensure the product could be sold legally on the market, all products can meet the certifications such as FCC/ CE/ UL/ ROHS…

6. Some of Our Cooperated Projects Exhibition

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