H&W will review the process before every product’s manufacturing. Do production and verification of the appearance or mechanical prototype based on the customer’s requirements. We have our own prototype making lab with different types, which can suit any product prototype in the first place timely to discover the possible defects and deficiencies in the design, verify the mechanical and functional feasibility, saving time and costs for the subsequent production.


Rapid Prototyping
Developing a market-ready solution requires significant money and time. Therefore, it is essential to ensure whether your product design and features are aligned with the exact market needs. Whether you are proving a business case or testing if a new idea works, a rapid prototype can help you understand what works and what does not. Rapid prototype built by our team of IoT hardware experts facilitates market testing for the project idea.
-Hardware Prototypes
-3D printed enclosures
-Dashboard and Analytics

Custom Firmware Development
We have a team of embedded software engineers with experience in firmware development in LUA, Python, C and C++. Our team has hands-on experience in implementing different network protocols, including Bluetooth, WiFi, RFID, TCP/IP, GPS, BLE and architectures,
including ARM, STM, ATMEL, PIC and 8051.
-Linux Kernel Development
-Middleware Development
-Migration of firmware/legacy applications to new platforms

NO MOQ: Simply no MOQ, the service is designed for fast-growing teams, starups and small business who require quick turnaround consist of high-quality prototype.
Precision Machining: Our CNC machining engineers with nearly 10 years’ of filed experience as well as highly experienced in precision machining, that the tolerance can be held as high as +-0.01MM depends on the feature.
High Surface Finishing: Various high surface finishing available for both plastic and metal material, for high glossy paint to high polishing, multi-color plating, texture blushing.
Types: Apperance, structure, functional, 3D printing prototypes

  Working Stage     Service
1 Input the prototype technical datas A. Assess & analyze customers’ relevant effect renderings
B. 3D documents
C. BOM documents, and prototye making preparation
2 Prototype feasibility assessment A. Interpret the product effect renderings
B. Check and interpret the vector files
C. Interpret BOM parts information
D. Assess the production feasibility
E. Output and assessment report
D. Output the prototype progress sheet
3 Manage & control every progress in prototype making A. Analysis of prototype making
B. Implementation of processing requirements
C. Programming
D. Machining
E. Manual handling to verify the structural feasibility
F. Polishing
G. Suface treatment
H. Project progress management and control
4 Prototype quality management and control A. Manage & control the exterior craft quality
B. Manage & control the structural functional  requirements
C. Manage & control the processing precision

Some of Our Prototyping Works Exhibition

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