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IoT – The Internet of Things is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity which enables these objects to connect and exchange data.

1. How to get started developing IoT hardware devices.
The opportunities for smart, connected hardware products are enormous. So are the product development challenges.

50 Billion IoT devices by 2020, and some of them need to be yours.

2. Why are we the right IoT development partner for you?
We deliver predictable IoT product development results every time.

1) We have the leadership skills to effectively coordinate multiple supplier relationships including radio selection and sensors
2) We use a proven product development process that captures the needs of users and supports your business model.
3) Our systems design expertise can help you architect your overall solution.
4) Our design and development capabilities stretch across the complete IoT technology stack.
5) We have the knowledge necessary to design for the regulatory requirements in the medical device and other industries.
6) Our experience ensures a smooth transition to hardware production, as well as careful management of cloud infrastructure setup and operation.
7) Hardware business models are changing and time to market is more critical then ever before – our development speed can be your competitive advantage


IoT is one of the major businesses of H&W. We provide one-stop-station design and manufacturing service to help our clients’ IoT product solutions to be created, implemented from concept design to prototyping, and proceed to mass production based on collaboration with partners and their technologies.

Our innovative IoT solutions can help our clients maximize operational efficiency, productivity, control, and can also provide substantial cost savings to their operations.

H&W is an innovative & creative IoT end-device solutions provider, who serve for global clients. Our service range of IoT solutions including:

3. Our IoT Hardware Design Services

A: Hardware Prototyping and Design

We prototype smart devices to help customers verify their concepts before committing to full-scale development. To prototype a gadget, we use IoT boards, sensors, and ready-made enclosures. The development process includes:

1) Schematics
2) PCB layout and design
3) PCB signal, power integrity, and thermal analysis
4) Custom enclosure design
5) Firmware development
6) Full documentation, verification, compliance, and fabrication support

B: Embedded Software Development

Softeq develops firmware and embedded systems to integrate smart devices into IoT infrastructure, capture sensor data, relay it to the cloud, and perform data analysis on a device in edge and fog computing deployments. Our expertise encompasses:
1) DSP and microcontroller programming
2) Motor control apps for equipment, UAVs, and Smart Homes
3) ETL and middleware solutions for sensor data acquisition, integration, and M2M
4) CloudBridge development
5) BSPs for real-time and embedded OSs
6) AOSP development and support

4. Electronic manufacturing service providers for Internet of Things, we serve the connected world:
1) Automated door controls and systems
2) Gateway modules
3) Communication modules
4) Smart home central controllers
5) Controllers
6) Smart meters
7) Audio devices and equipment
8) Security devices and equipment
9) Smart lighting


5. Mechanical Design
1) Industrial Design with Shape and size definition, Surface Definition, Graphics Design and High Resolution Renderings.
2) Mechanical Engineering Design and Modelling of electronic and mechanical components, PCB assemblies and enclosures.
3) Design for assembly (DFA).
4) Design for Manufacturability (DFM).
5) Reverse Engineering , Re- Engineering and Value Engineering.
6) FEA Analysis Static, Dynamic.
7) CFD Analysis.
8) Mesh Generation, Linear/Non-Linear, Static, Dynamic.
9) Fatigue simulation, Tolerance Analysis.
10) Fluid Flow Analysis, Plastic Flow Simulation.
11) Thermal, Shock & Vibration analysis & simulation.
12) Selection of material and components.
13) Product packaging design.
14) Mechanical Assembly drawings & documentation.
15) Mechanical Chassis design and fabrication
16) CAD/CAM Platform Migration and Legacy Conversion.
17) 2D to 3D conversion, Isometric Sections, and 3-D Views
18) Product Development & Prototyping.
19) Injection mould flow simulation
20) Design of Press tools, Injection Moulds and Jigs/ Fixtures.

6. Value Added services

Value-added services at the heart of our electronic contract manufacturing company
Beyond engineering and manufacturing services, we have the right processes and tools to take over the manufacturing of your products, saving you the headaches.

We, at Asteelflash EMS company, offer our state of the art electronic manufacturing services, to bring your project to success.

The right team. The right processes and electronic manufacturing services. Your success.

Learn more our capabilities or contact us now if you like to discuss your project with our experts.