Benefit by our strict supply chain management stategy, we will choose the best suppliers for every project consist of quality, of course will based on clients’ standard, budget and delivery time, and control every step of mass production. Decompose the product manufacturing sequence according to the processs, assign the production tasks for each procedure, prepare the material procurement plan, make the production plan, delivery schedule, also match the most suitable manufacturing resources. Ensure that the product delivered with excellent quality and within a predetermined timeframe.


1. Why Starups & Enterprise Need Product Assembly from China?
Product manufacturing & assembly is a little challenge for startups or small business to find a reliable custom product manufacturing and assembly service providers in Europe and US, as small and medium business usually may with low manufacturing volume, which may can’t meet the large manufacturers’ MOQ or interest them to proceed the project.

Even if you can find some manufacturers to work with, the cost may be high. That’s why quite a lot of starups & small business prefer choosing Chinese manufacturer to build a project for the manufacturing and assembly, since they are more flexible, low cost, rich experienced. Here are some conditions under which we suggest you use a product manufacturing service in China.

– If you are startups & small bossiness without too many expense on product manufacturing
– If you are startups & small business without enough technical employees
– If you just have a product designed and want to start a small trial production to test your market
– If you are a product design company who needs some manufacturing support to improve product design.
– If your project might be large volume, and you want to make fast turnout, consistent quality, and low cost. (As China is the largest manufacturing factory globally compacted with matured supply chain and experienced workers )


2. Why Choose H&W to Do Product Assembly & Manufacturing?
Perhaps you can find many custom product manufacturing and assembly factories in China, however it’s not easy to find a suitable one with reliable service, consistent quality, and low cost. Most of time, you need to spend time and money to test a manufacturer, which is also very risky for you.

H&W manufacturing is a professional contract manufacturer with owned house, most workers & engineers have the filed experience more than 10 year, we can provide one-stop station manufacturing & assembly service for both mechanical and electronic products.

Our mission is to help the global small and medium size enterprise to build their idea or design with cost-effective and consistent quality.

Our factory was certificated with ISO90001 quality system, equipped with state of-the-art facility including electronic SMT, injection mold making, injection molding, product assembly line, inspection and test equipment. Meanwhile, we have a large wide selection of good suppliers for materials and parts, which can assure us to provide a more competitive offer than our competitor, also a more flexible, rich exprienced, large range of facilities to meet different kinds of products that’s why startups & enterprise  prefer working with H&W to do product manufacturing and assembly.


3. Our Product Manufacturing & Assembly Advantages:
– Low volume order is acceptable( MOQ according to the specific project)
– Diverse customization services available( ID design, prototyping, part manufacturing, assembly service, help get copy right patent, shipment, aftersale service ).
– Our team is with strong background in product design and manufacturing field
– We are China local manufacturer with vast supply chain relationship, any type of source work can be handled if needed.
– Competitive offter than other product manufacturing companies.

4. One-stop Station Custom Product Manufacturing Capabilities:
– ID Design
– Prototyping(SLA, SLS, CNC, 3D printing, vacuum casting, etc)
– Injection Mold Tool Making
– Plastic Injection Molding(for part weight from 0.5 gram~2.0KG)
– Die Casting(Aluminum, zinc, and magnesium parts)
– CNC Machining(3 axis, 4 axis, and 5 axis)
– PCBA & SMT of Electronic Parts(200 pcs is acceptable)
– Product Assembly Service
– Packaging Design, Manufacturing, Shipment


5. How We Provide High-quality Product Assembly & Manufacturing Service?
– Full Inspection of Incoming Materials: complete incoming inspection standard, all material and components inspected before assembly.
– Material Status Marked: label out all materials conditions(scrap, in use, pending work, etc.)
– Value trial production: the pilot run or small production trial(less than 200 pcs) shall be conducted by production leader or senior workers.
– Detailed Instruction: a print work instruction must set up in front of every work station.
– Production Meeting for Every New Project:  prior to launch a new production, a formal production meeting will be held to train all of works, QC, and warehouse employees.
– Whole Process Monitoring: on-line QC and production leader will be responsible to monitor and control the whole assembly process.
– Full Inspection: QA will do the full inspection for final packed products based on sampling standard.


  Working Stage  Service
1 Order management A. Oder reveiw
B. Order purchase arrangement
C. Order follow-up
2 Manufacturing management A. Work division among factories
B. Production plan scheduling
C. Material demand planning
D. Production standard confirmation (SOP/SIP)
E. Production progress follow-up
3 Quality management A. Production process control and product inspection
B. Quality control for each work stage and for work stage changes
C. Quality tracking
D. Contingency plan for abormalities in production
E. Analysis and prevent of production process failures and consequences
4 Logistics management A. Delivery management
B. Pre-shipment quality inspection
C. Preset shipment mode and transport package mode based on hte destination and customer demands

So, if you have are B2B startup enterprise with good ideal or concept needing to find a reliable supplier, welcome to contact us to talk details.